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AtoZ Adz Free Text Ad Exchange

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-90%- Commission For Pros (50% For OTO)

(20% For Free Members On Upgrades & OTO - Click Here For Details)

Text Ad Exchanges are one of the most effective types of free advertising around, but you can't usually make a lot of direct money from the TAE itself. Well, we've changed that, because Pros get a HUGE 90% commssion for every Pro member introduced, and 20% as a Free member, meaning a massive $18 & $4 for each Pro member that joins using your link. AtoZ Adz was the FIRST TAE to offer 90% commission, and even now the vast majority of sites don't give anywhere near that amount. On top of that, Pro members also get 50% commission (Free members 20%) from the OTO :-)

Use AtoZ Adz to make money online or maybe just earn a second income. You can learn about marketing using the free stuff on site, start your own internet marketing business, give away your own freebies or just advertise your programs so you can give up work one day. Post solo ads and place banners and text ads, so they can be clicked and viewed by other members. Help keep the site active by viewing and clicking other members' ads, and make AtoZ Adz work for all the members, not just for you, because you have more chance of making it online if you work with others. Our banners are some of the most clicked banners you'll find with this kind of site as well.

Here are some of the features that make AtoZ Adz one of the most unique text ad exchanges around, and one that you must embrace if you want your marketing business to have a chance of working.

Play The Code Game And Find 26 Hidden Promo Codes Around The Site, In Random Solos, Banners, Admin Emails & Text Ads For
Ca$h & Other Prizes

(AtoZ Adz Banners Are The Most Effective Banners You'll Find Anywhere, Because Members HAVE To Click Them To Find Codes!)

Get Your Own Unique Personal Promo Code
(When You Refer 20 Members You'll Get a Unique Code That Only YOU Can Use In Your Promotions, Which Will Increase In Value Every 20 Referrals)

Swap Banners For Solo Ads
(If You Have Spare Banners, Exchange Them For Solos At A Rate Of 5 To 1 - Via Admin)

Bribe Central
(If You Own Your Own Site Or Products, Use This Unique Area to Offer Incentives For Members To Upgrade Or Buy Something - It's NOT A Paid-To-Join Scheme Though)

Pro Members Get a Promo Code Every Month
(Included In The Pro Membership - On The First Day Of Each Month a New Promo Code Will Be Placed In The Pro Member Bonuses Section - Old Code Will Become Invalid)

Over $1500 Of Free Advertising In Pro Bonuses
(Included In The Pro Membership - Masses Of Extra Advertising At Other Text Ad, Traffic Exchanges and Ad boards. Only Pro Members Get Access To This)

Why Is The AtoZ Adz Pro Membership One Of The Best Out There?

Solo Ads / Others
Traffic Links
Other Ads
TE Credits
81 / 7

Because You Get Over $1,500 Of FREE Advertising & Upgrades At 39 Other Sites
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Atozadz Membership Benefits

Increased solo, text ad and banner responsiveness
Post HTML Solo Ads every day
Earn points for reading text & solo ads
Earn points for referring members
Exchange points for solo ads and banners
Purchase solo ads, banners and points at resonable rates
Earn highest commission anywhere on Pro referrals
Get over $1600 of advertising at other sites as a Pro Member
Win cash and codes by playing the Code Game
Swap Spare Banners For Solo Ads
Offer Incentives To Other Members At Bribe Central
Earn 50% As Pro & 20% As Free Member On OTO
Great Free Bonus Section For ALL Members


Absolutely No Autoresponders, YAHOO, MSN, HOTMAIL, AOL, LIVE.COM Or Any Other Email Address On The Banned List

Please Check The List Before Joining. Bounced Emails Will Result In Account Deletion, Regardless Of Membership Level, Referrals And/Or Commissions Owing. Gmail Accounts Are Preferred (But Not Mandatory) In Order To Keep This Site Effective & Clean, But Your Email MUST Be Able To Receive Messages Without Bouncing Them!

Please Put Your FULL Name When Signing Up, NOT Just A Username Or Nickname Etc...

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Pro Membership

Free Membership

5000 points on joining.

250 points for every ad read.

900 points for every solo ad click.

25000 points for every referral.

Post 1 times a day.

$27 for every paid referral.

Price: $30 Lifetime

2000 points on joining

150 points for every ad read

350 points for every solo ad click

20000 points for every referral

Post every 2 day(s)

$6 for every paid referral

Price: FREE Lifetime

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